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Raggs ( Ragnar) is an entire boy from the Show side of the breed   RESERVED

RAGNAR an entire boy from the Show side of the breed

RAGNAR 13/14 months old boy from the Show side of the Breed, came into our care because his previous owner, despite having owned 2/3 Irish Setters in the years gone by, found that he was unable to cope with Ragnar. Ragnar (or Raggs as we call him) is a very large and very strong boy who did not have the training he should have had when he was a small puppy.  His behaviour when he came to us was that of a 3/4 month old unruly puppy but now, having been in foster care with two of our Trustees, his behaviour is much improved although he still seeks attention and will do naughty things to gain that attention.  He is good natured, loves cuddles and will make a wonderful companion for the right owner who have the time, the love and the energy to cope with this young man.  We need experienced Setter people, who are around and have a large garden ( as much as possible not less than 1/4 of an acre and hopefully more)   A secure and safe garden for Raggs to play in, an older spayed bitch would be an ideal companion for him, but not one too old as he would be too boisterous for older dogs - we do not rehome adult male dogs where there is another adult male dog in the home.

 Jo, one of our Trustees who is fostering him, has told me that he is well behaved whilst walking on a lead.    He is healthy, and handsome and given lots of loving care and the right training, will eventually become a Setter to be proud of.   No cats, no young children.  A quiet household we feel would be better for him, he is easily excited and distracted and a calm atmosphere would be preferable for his training. It is essential for Ragnar to continue his training so that he will improve even more than he is now. He has started to pay attention to commands albeit slowly but surely.  He is a beautiful boy who just needs lots of time and commitment from  experienced setter owners, who must be willing to continue to carry on all the hard work and time that our Trustees have so far completed with him.

 We are looking for someone to be at home during the day, Ragnar has come from a home where there were retired people and so is used to having company.  If you think that you are the perfect family to love, train and look after Raggs, please phone Rescue on 01787 248143 or email  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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