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An update on our two boys Kieran and Seamus.(21/07/20)
I have been to Jill's kennels to spend time with the boys on around 10 occasions. Progress is being made but very very slowly.


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An update on our two boys Kieran and Seamus.(21/07/20)
I have been to Jill's kennels to spend time with the boys on around 10 occasions. Progress is being made but very very slowly.
Thursday, 18 June 2020 10:13

Kieran and Seamus


Kieran and Seamus.

Brothers thought to be 9/10 years old.neutered.


Seamus and Kieran are brothers and  came into our care from Ireland.  These boys are very very traumatised, frightened and especially  frightened of men.  We believe that they are probably 9/10 years old.  The only history that we can get is that they were bought as puppies, lived in a shed with access to outside space all their lives and were left to their own devices.  We don't believe that they  have ever lived in a house, they were never vaccinated as far as we can ascertain, never had a micro chip in and were never walked on a lead.

Jill at the Kennels has been wonderful and with patience and gentle care there has been an improvement.  Pat one of the Trustees is also very involved and goes to the kennels loaded with treats, cooked chicken, sausages and various other treats for them to try to coax them to feel secure.  They have responded to a small degree.  Jill and Pat took them on leads for walks over her fields and I believe they enjoyed this very much.  They are mild natured and Kieran especially will often give kisses to Jill and Pat.  Amazingly they are clean in their kennel, they have both had a bath and tolerated it but I am sure felt a bit better being fresh and clean They show  no  aggression at all.  We cannot separate them, they depend on each other.  They love the comfy beds that jill has given them and their kennel is their safe place.  We cannot imagine what has happened to them for them to become so traumatised, obviously a man was involved in  some way  for what happened to them  to be so frightened when they see or even hear a  man’s voice.

We feel that for the immediate future at least they will need to have a Kennel/Summer House or outhouse very near or attached to the main house so that they can hear voices and become used to sounds from a house.  A secure and good sized garden where they can run and get exercise, we don’t believe that they could ever taken to woods, fields or  a park and let free, they would be so frightened and when running free in the paddock at the kennels they are very reluctant to come when called.  But taken out on long leads may in  time be possible.   Meanwhile Jill and Pat will continue to try to help them feel love and security with plenty of lovely food and treats.{gallery}

An update on our two boys Kieran and Seamus.(21/07/20)
I have been to Jill's kennels to spend time with the boys on around 10 occasions. Progress is being made but very very slowly.
Kieran has come on quite well. He is by far the boldest of the two. He will readily come to me now for fuss and loves his neck stroked as long as I am sitting down. He has to be initially coaxed with chicken or sausages, but once he has gained his confidence he will come over just for a fuss. This is massive progress since he arrived with us.
He loves to run free around the paddock showing no signs of any ailments and is looking really healthy and happier now.
Kieran doesn't mind being brushed too much, and again,that is an improvement.
My husband, Paul, has visited them a couple of times with me. Kieran barks at him and does not want to go anywhere near Paul at all. He is very worried.  
Kieran had to have a trip to the vet for a water infection. We had no idea how this would affect him or how he would behave. He travelled well in the car but did have an accident on his blanket. I believe this is down to him being nervous. He behaved extremely well in the vet's waiting room given that we were nearly 20 mins late actually seeing the vet. He jumped up on the bench next to me but the sign on the bench read "paws on floors" so he sat on my lap! He was more than happy sitting there having fuss and watching what was going on. He was extremely well behaved while the vet gave him a scan and other tests. He was a perfect gent. I am pleased to say that his infection has now cleared up.
Seamus is an extremely worried lad. He has to be with Kieran at all times. Kieran is his protection. He has shown some signs of confidence since he came to us but is a long way behind Kieran's level of confidence. He does now take food off you, again you have to be sitting down. Any sudden movement and he runs away. He is happy to go back into his kennel after being out in the paddock for a while. He sometimes asks to go back in by going to the gate.
As with Kieran, Seamus shows no signs of any ailments.
Seamus is very worried about being brushed, but again very slight progress can be seen.  
Seamus has a little confidence with Paul. Again, Paul has to be sitting down and sitting very still. Amazingly, he did take chicken out of Paul's hand, but if Paul moved slightly he would run off. Again, this is very small progress, but progress nevertheless.
Jill and I have taken them for walks. We came across a couple of vehicles on our way back from the fields to Jill's and this was a very worrying experience for them. If they hear any vehicles whilst they are in the paddock they get alarmed and Seamus will bark. It seems to be more farm vehicles that are the most upsetting. We don't know what experience they have had (if any) with any type of vehicle. We believe they enjoyed their walks but were very aware of everything around them. Kieran will bark at any dog he sees in the distance.
Jill and I managed to bath them. Again, Kieran had the most confidence and would stand still but Seamus decided it was better to lay down! They tolerated the bath, and were obviously better for it, and again, there was no agression in sight from either of them.
They are the most beautiful boys you could meet. They just need a chance to enjoy life in a safe and happy environment and learn to trust people again. They are, without a doubt, a lot happier now than they were when they arrived with us.
Although they are very worried about life in general there is no nastiness in either of them.
If anyone is in a position to give these boys a chance they would be so well rewarded by them. They would obviously be fully supported by the Rescue. 
Please contact Rescue on 01787 248143 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. {gallery}NESSA{/gallery}


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